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I began working on small projects here and there with my grandfather when I was young and eventually spent a few weeks working with him to build a platform bed. Those few projects were enough to make my love for woodworking stick. After several years of not having the space or money to have a shop of my own and not doing any projects outside of what I could build with a Dremel and hand saws, I am now at a point in my life where I have the ability to once again create with wood and build my own skills. Now, as I build my skills and collection of tools in my own “shop” (corner of my garage), I want to be able to share my progress learning the craft and portfolio of work using this site. 

For me, this is a chance to carry on something handed down by my grandfather and a way for me to be able to create with my hands and decompress after a long day sitting in front of a screen. It’s not intended to be a business, but I am always open to requests for projects or custom items you may have in mind. I have found that those requests are what force me outside of my comfort zone, challenge me and enable my growth as a woodworker.

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